Hypnosis and Depression

Hypnosis can change your life, very quickly. I have seen my clients go from being hopeless and even suicidal, to feeling good again, loving life, and feeling hopeful about their future.

Most people who are overwhelmed, sad and hopeless need to change the way their subconscious mind is accessing thoughts and feelings, which creates the chemical state that leads to depression.

Your thoughts, memories and traumas can create a chemical depression. When you change your thoughts, and release the emotional memories, your brain will begin to change the chemical state that it is creating in your body and you will feel better.

Candace Pert says that a thought can change the molecules in your body and that no thought goes unnoticed by the brain and body. She is a scientist who researched the effect of thought on the chemical state in the brain and body.

Depression can be a result of thought that activates a memory in the brain and secretes chemicals that cause depression. Pert says that this memory, once activated, seeks out similar emotional memories and activates them, causing them to release the chemicals (neuropeptides) into the body that cause a chemical depression.

So... don't take any comfort in thinking your depression is chemical. It is chemical, but it is still a result of the thoughts you think and the length of time you dwell on them. If you are faced with difficult life events, you can let the emotions get a firm grip on you and then let yourself feel there are no solutions and allow yourself to go into a hopeless state.

When you are told that your depression is chemical, you have a reason to feel hopeless and accept drugs as the solution.

Once this happens you are doomed to go down the spiral of darkness and gloom. I can think of a few places I'd rather be.

One alternative is to focus on solutions and possibilities. People who are depressed feel they have no possibilities for change. They have no idea how anything could ever change, and the cycle is ever expanding as the brain is forced to open old emotional memories and flood the body with chemical messengers that cause depression.

I know that Hypnotherapy can help you feel good again. My years of working with clients has proven to me that healing from within beats the drugs of the day.